About Laurie

Quiltmaking was not a part of Laurie’s life until she turned 42. Her mother had taught her to sew clothing as a teenager, but she put that aside to pursue a dance career. Along the way she also obtained a teaching certification in the Alexander Technique (a therapeutic movement process), and a degree in philosophy. In 2001, inspired by her grandmother's quilts and in search of a new source of creative pleasure, she took her first quilting class. She was struck by the expressive potential of fabric, with its diverse range of colors and patterns, its comforting tactile qualities, and its forgiving pliability. The appeal was irresistible. As her technical skills grew, Laurie’s work gradually evolved into a process for wrestling with some deep questions about self and spirituality that were always on her mind. In her most recent quilts, she attempts to visually express personal inner landscapes with fabric, and to offer images for reflection on matters of faith. Sometimes, though, she needs to step away from the intensity of putting those reflections and wrestlings into quilt form. Then she will shift gears, and for the pure fun of it, create something a bit simpler and more traditional, giving it her own unique spin.